I was given a unique opportunity when I was a freelancer (fresh out of college, mind you) at Michigan Hockey Magazine: redesign the magazine, website and the entire brand. An editorial staple in the Michigan youth hockey world for 20 years, I knew I didn’t want to divert from original logo too drastically nor loose the iconic hockey player created with the negative space of the “O.” I streamlined the logo with a more modern font and picked a color palette of cooler blue colors that better represented the brand. Using WordPress and my knowledge of HTML and CSS, I gave the website a refresh and devised a more efficient hierarchy and structure that’s still in use.

While I have created logos for a number of different clients, one my favorites is the one I developed for the Detroit City Vipers Athletic Club, the amateur beer league hockey/softball/soccer team for which I’m a card carrying member. I repurposed the logo from the now defunct Detroit Vipers of the IHL in the 1990s to create an identity that we use on our jerseys, shirts and hats. We may not have a star studded roster, but we’re always the best looking team in whichever league we play in.