FordPass & Lincoln Way


The FordPass and Lincoln Way Apps help serve as the digital keys for Ford and Lincoln vehicle owners. As an associate creative director on the team, I oversee the creation of marketing screens for both apps. These screens are used in how-to videos, brochures as well as print and digital photos assets.

A big portion of the app work centers on messaging. We create email and in-app communications, support site content migration and updates, brand imagery art direction, internal playbook development and social video creation.

The Problem

Provide internal and external teams with the most up-to-date marketing app screens that accurately reflect user journeys and design system updates. With the product design team working on future versions of the app within a new design system, there needs to be consistency to provide screens that reflect what’s live in the app. There is no centralized location to access screens that showcase key features and user flows.

The Solution

I created a working library of primary feature screens that could be updated to reflect visual changes to the app. Working with product designers and product owners, I made sure I had a firm understanding of feature flows and design components in order to build the most accurate screens. Visual testing between the testing dev app and live app allowed me to provide feedback for product designers to improve design consistency and user experience.

User Journey

This flow highlights the most commonly requested screens in the FordPass user journey.

Sample Screens

Examples of Vehicle, Home and Charging screens within the FordPass App. These screens live in how-to videos, brand imagery and other marketing materials.
Examples of Vehicle, Home and Account screens within the Lincoln Way App.

The Problem

Migrate FordPass content from existing Ford Owner pages to revamped templates on a new Ford Support site with the goal of driving owners to download the FordPass App and activate their modem to pair their vehicle with their smart phone. Utilize two templates, category and subcategory, to update imagery and copy while working within system constraints. Carry over existing content but ensure key messaging is featured prominently on the page.

The Solution

I lead the transition of the FordPass support page to shift the focus to driving awareness for app downloads and modem activations. Working within the templates and utilizing existing user research, I prioritized how the information was presented and worked with the copy team to trim down existing copy blocks. I balanced lifestyle imagery with shots of talent interacting with the app to help tell the FordPass story and encourage them to download the app.

User Journey


Live Pages

Before and after view showing the FordPass Owner content to a new Ford Support site.
The same effort was also lead for the migration of existing Lincoln Way Owner content to a new Lincoln Way Support site.

Video art direction highlighting Connected Navigation for Ford owners.
Creative concepting and video art direction for a series of five social videos covering FordPass remote features.