Chevrolet New Roads


While working on the Chevrolet New Roads account, I concepted and art directed photoshoots for the print and digital editions of the magazine. I also oversaw the creation of a dedicated page on the Chevrolet site for the publication, and created digital assets to accompany stories.

The Problem

Develop a web presence for Chevrolet New Roads magazine that lives on The current version of the digital magazine is a downloadable PDF of the print issue without any archives to past issues. No stories are optimized for SEO nor do they drive to vehicle homepages on the Chevrolet site.

The Solution

Working with our partner agency who managed, I utilized components to design a site focused on content and editorial storytelling. I developed a navigation and user journey based off key categories where stories could be grouped together, and I tested the flows for clarity and ease of use. There was also the need to create web exclusive content, so I worked with internal teams to create videos, motion graphics and more.

User Journey

The flow highlights how the editorial stories are categories by feature section.