Cadillac Magazine

Cadillac Magazine is a bi-annual publication that serves as a welcome gift to new Cadillac owners. Featuring luxury and lifestyle articles that highlight the Cadillac brand, the publication is also available digitally in both a mobile and tablet experience.

My role within the Cadillac Magazine team is really a jack of all trades. I manage the working InDesign file, flowing in as well as designing features, front and back of the book sections, and tracking down provided images. I’ve been on location to art direct a number of the stories, including a memorable road trip story that started in Vegas and worked our way toward a 5-star resort in the middle of the desert in Utah.

Aside from my print responsibilities, I also help to design and program the tablet (iPad and Android) and mobile editions of the magazine. This starts by working with our edit team to brainstorm and develop the best ways to transform these print stories into interactive and engaging pieces on mobile platform. From there, we redesign the stories and implement interactivity using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite tools.