Art Direction


My art direction experience encompasses print, digital and video. The print side has included both automotive and lifestyle shoots for Cadillac Magazine, which has also given me to chance to travel across the U.S. and surround myself with incredible scenery, products and vehicles. Many of these shoots have taught me the importance of “on-the-fly” art directing—you can only plan so much of the shoot until you actually see the setting in person. This is especially true with vehicle road trip stories. Some of the more interesting locations happen to be little outposts discovered along the way that weren’t even on the radar before the trip.

Working with OnStar and the Connected Journey site allows me to art direct stories about OnStar subscribers and showcase how the service has positively impacted their day-to-day lives. I’m also part of a team that’s responsible for brainstorming and creating social media posts for the OnStar brand across all social channels. Because OnStar is a non-traditional service in the social media world, it makes a for unique challenge to develop fun and interactive social content to engage an audience and promote the brand.

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