News design


Print journalism isn’t dead; it’s just changing. Will newspapers ever be as booming or as profitable as they were decades ago? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean that they still can’t serve as a compelling, visually-driven form of story telling — something that online news can’t always offer.

Working as a designer for the Louisville Gannett Design Studio had me in the thick of a fast-paced, interactive environment that places a heavy emphasis on high-impact news design. Having only a few hours to turn around a front page graphic or special section cover while also electronically dealing with numerous newsrooms and working on advance projects morphed me into a master multi-tasker.

Despite my youth, I was thrown into the fire for some of the biggest sporting events on the calendar. I designed the look and feel of the March Madness special sections for the Lansing State Journal by creating logos, banners and flags during Michigan State’s Big Ten Championship run and into the national tournament. The opportunity was given to me to create a special section poster page previewing the 138th Kentucky Derby — the biggest day of the year in the blue grass state. Gannett shipped me out to Indianapolis Star for three days to assist in the special section coverage for the Indianapolis 500. While on loan in Indy, I designed another special section preview front, this time for the big race at the Brickyard.

The opportunities — travel, professional experience, working under daily deadline pressure, being in a design-centered environment — have been endless, and I embraced the adventure of living in a new state on my own.


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