Michigan Hockey Redesign


Who doesn’t love a good logo redesign?

My freelance gig with Michigan Hockey came with the challenge of redesigning the logo, magazine and website for the publication. It wasn’t like I had to pitch ideas to a group of bigwigs — I was on my own. And I fully embraced the challenge.

The square typeface combined with an outdated purple color scheme made the old Michigan Hockey logo look like something straight out of the ’90s. I chose a modern (and overwhelmingly popular) typeface — Gotham for the redesign. I also selected richer and darker blues to give the logo a little bit more of an edge and to evoke a frozen feeling.

It was also crucial to maintain the most important part of the former identity — the hockey player that carved out the “O” in “Hockey.”

The website was very dark and quite clunky. It had been built using Dreamweaver, so it was nearly impossible to quickly add content and update stories. Using a content management system like WordPress was the best option for the needs of the editor. I chose a theme that was very pliable and allowed me to design the site to my specifications. I also used my knowledge of PHP and CSS to embed banner ads that were targeted for specific pages on the site.

I was most excited about getting my hands dirty with the magazine redesign. There were a myriad of fonts that were used in the publication and the color palette more closely resembled a rainbow than anything else. There was very little consistency throughout the publication. The first step was to stick with Gotham as the primary typeface for the stories, headlines and every other piece of copy. The blues used in the logo were carried over to the magazine and were incorporated with other cooler, complimentary colors.

It was a tremendous opportunity for me to brainstorm, develop and execute this redesign all on my own — especially as a freelancer for this publication. To see more clips from my Michigan Hockey experience, click here.