Michigan Hockey Magazine


Lakes in Michigan have two very different functions, depending on the season and time of year. In the summer, they’re the epicenter of recreation and relaxation for beachgoers and boaters alike. But it’s during the winter, when the waters glass over amidst the barrage of lake effect snow, where they reveal their true purpose for me: Pond hockey.

After more than a decade spent playing the sport while growing up in Michigan, I jumped at the freelance opportunity to help turn around a niche publication: Michigan Hockey Magazine. I would be responsible for rebranding the identity of the magazine and creating a new website in the process.

I served as the web developer/content manager/graphic designer/page designer/art director/photographer and even a copy editor for the publication. For a small magazine such as this one, it was necessary to get my hands involved in all aspects of the operation. To read more about my experience redesigning Michigan Hockey, click here.


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