Logos and branding


I got my first real break (and actually my first real attempt) at logo design while I was interning with the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State during my junior year. The School of Journalism was gearing up to celebrate its centennial in the fall of 2010 and was in need of a logo for postcards that were being mailed out to alumni.

My boss at the time asked me to come up with a logo, and what I created was what the school ended up using over the next year to promote the celebration. It showed up on letters, signs, magazines, coffe cups, tote bags and even teddy bears. You know you’ve made it big when your logo is emblazoned on the furry stomach of a stuffed bear.

Since then, I have redesigned a publication’s brand and identity (Michigan Hockey Magazine), draw up logos for freelance projects and created banners and logos for newspaper special sections — most notably for March Madness in the Lansing State Journal.

One of my proudest student works, an expressive wordmark for “Argyle,” was selected as a student piece to be shown in AIGA Detroit’s Design Re:View in May 2011. To have my work, as a journalism major, acknowledged amongst hundreds of pieces created by graphic design students was a tremendous honor.

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