Letterpress and Screen Printing


Call me old fashioned, but there’s something rewarding about making art with your own two hands. Taking a break from the computer, I decided to dabble in letterpress thanks to a recommendation from a friend. I ended up taking a wood engraving/letterpress workshop at Signal Return in Detroit’s Eastern Market district, which led me to trying more letterpress projects with a print maker in Ann Arbor. I worked with setting moveable type to making bookmarks and then eventually letterpressing my sister’s wedding invitations.

Hoping to work on a bigger canvas, I took a screen printing class (also in Detroit, but this time in the Cass Corridor) at Ocelot Print Shop. I had stumbled upon a quote by one of Detroit’s most famous authors, Elmore Leonard, several months back and was looking for the right project to use it. Screen printing a Detroit-themed poster was the perfect fit.