Barcelona Travel Book

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Whenever I swap European travel stories with friends or acquaintances, I have to imagine that I sound like a broken record when discussing the five weeks I spent in Spain during the summer of 2010. “It was greatest five weeks of my life!” “Barcelona was incredible!” and “Seriously, why did I even bother coming home?” are common declarations lumped into my tales of the Catalonian city on the coast of Spain.

The art, architecture and culture also served as fantastic inspiration for a travel book assignment in a graphic design class I completed at MSU. The guidelines of the project were such: Pick a place, any place in the world in which to create a travel book highlighting unique and interesting characteristics of said place. It was to be a six page book with the following pages:

  • A cover, front and back, complete with spine
  • A table of contents
  • One page with primarily text
  • One page combining text and images
  • One page with primarily images
  • A unique information page

Since I was still in a hazy state of wanderlust from my study abroad adventure three months before, I naturally chose Barcelona. It also helped that I took boatloads of pictures on my trip so I had plenty of colorful and vibrant art to pick from.

The Barcelona travel book still ranks up there with the most enjoyable design projects that I’ve ever cranked out.






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