Automobile Magazine


November 2012 marked my return to the Mighty Mitten, the most pleasant peninsula, my home, sweet home; Michigan. I accepted a position as a graphic designer for Automobile Magazine, an automotive publication based in Ann Arbor. Now, I went to school down the road in East Lansing, and it’s an understatement to say that my alma mater and the University of Michigan don’t really get along too well. It’s tough being green in a town full of maize and blue.

Working for Automobile has given me the chance to expand my horizons in the realm of print design. I’m now working with six and eight page spreads instead of section covers and one to two inside pages. Sometimes the freedom of typography and design decisions with such a broader page size can feel overwhelming. But more so in a “Oh wow, I can’t believe I have this much space” kind of way.

I work with both the print and iPad editions of the magazine. We first design the print packages, and after the magazine has been sent to the printers, we begin to transfer over the designs to iPad slides. The Adobe InDesign extension, Woodwing, makes it quite easy to incorporate interactive features such as slideshows, videos and hotspots into the iPad designs.

I may not be the biggest car buff, but the automotive industry runs deep in my blood. My great-grandfather owned an auto repair shop in Detroit during the 1930s, I have a great uncle who ran and operated his own Scout dealership on the east side of Detroit, and my grandfather worked for the Chrysler plant in, you guessed it, Detroit city.